Presented through the difference between two time calculations, as well as two calendars, Gregorian and Julian, and two programme concepts, Novi Sad celebrated two New Years for the first time in a completely different way.

At the beginning of 2018, Novi Sad presented itself as the Serbian, regional and future European capital of culture. Combining elements of high culture with popular and mass culture, discovering new locations, new buildings and performers, but also reminding of the old ones, more than 60,000 people welcomed two New Years in Novi Sad, at 4 locations on 31 December in the first directed Doček, and at 38 locations on 13 January with more than 150 performers.

The people of Novi Sad and numerous guests from the region and Europe entered the New Year with the sounds of Darko Rundek, Plavi Orkestar, S.A.R.S., John Acquaviva, Krešo Bengalka and many others on 31 December.

On 13 January, Laibach, Slobodan Trkulja, Kaliopi, Dušan Svilar, Matija Dedić, Zoran Predin, Divna Ljubojević, Marčelo and many others performed at Doček 7536. Doček 7326 gathered numerous artists in over 20 locations.

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