Novi Sad entered New Year 2019 as the European Youth Capital. Doček was organised at five locations in the city centre and it was in token of young people.Young people from Novi Sad presented a unique concept of connecting the elements of popular and elite culture to their fellow citizens and numerous tourists through cooperation with famous European and regional musicians.

Stage design in the crowded Liberty Square, which marked one hundred years of Bauhaus with its appearance, was designed by young experts from the Faculty of Technical Sciences and Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, who sent the new postcard of Novi Sad to the world – as the European Youth Capital and future European Capital of Culture.

After Magnifico’s hits that marked the last decade of Serbian cinematography, dr Nele Karajlić had an extraordinary performance with young artists from Novi Sad in the Liberty Square. Recognisable hits that marked the music scene of ex-Yugoslavia harmonised with Radoslava Vorgić Žuržovan, talented opera singer from Novi Sad, ‘Camerata Academica’ string quartet and ‘Sonja Marinković’ choir ensemble made this performance surprisingly different and memorable. World famous hitmakers Filatov & Karas DJ duo gave the the New Year’s Eve a special charm with their electronic music and added to the diversity of music genres within Doček.

Uniqueness and diversity – two key epithets of Doček 7527 in Novi Sad. Novi Sad, as the ‘Serbian Athens’, celebrated its main characteristic – interculturality, by connecting Serbian cultural heritage with European intangible cultural heritage.

Roby Lakatos, Lena Kovačević, Sanja Ilić and Balkanika band, Atomsko Sklonište, Ritam Nereda, Bitipatibi and many others performed at Doček 7527 in unexpected locations such as the Synagogue, Spens, the Youth Theatre, and others.

Novi Sad hosted famous European artists of different music genres and famous local artists during the evening, thus classical and spiritual music, rock, electronic, pop, punk, reggae and hip hop music featured the celebration of another Doček in the city on 13 January and justify the epithet of a unique concept Novi Sad is known for.

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