Dejan Stojkov + Nneka

The video works by Novi Sad artist Dejan Stojkov will be projected on the walls of the  Synagogue on 13 January accompanying the performance by Nneka.

Dejan Stojkov is an artist from Novi Sad. Dejan finds himself in the world of visual art, through the process of creation, presentation and implementation in various forms such as photography, video production and animation. He produces various visual content and his work can be found in various promo clips, music videos, sketches, short films, films and cultural and artistic events such as Exit Festival, La Nuit Lumiere, Vila, Kaleidoscope of Culture, Novi Sad Korzo, Sneakerville Festival and others. In addition to photography, recording, editing, animating, creating visuals, he was also one of the participants in the world festival of visual arts (La Nuit Luimere) in France. Dejan has a tendency to enjoy art, to progress through it and to implement himself through it.