Tuda – Svuda

As part of Doček 7531, on 13 January, in the Tri petice restaurant, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the photo exhibition ‘Tuda – Svuda’ by Novi Sad author Milan Sekiz, which will exhibit 20 works created from 2018 to today during trips to Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary. The photos show some of the most famous monuments of Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Prague and Rovinj.
As Tri Petice restaurant is already decorated with some of Sekiz’s works, this is a perfect non-standard gallery space that, through the combination of international and traditional dishes, already attracts connoisseurs of taste, both gastronomic and those that we feel with other senses. Along with the exhibition itself, visitors will be able to enjoy the musical selection of the Novi Sad director Milana Nikić, better known as Beton i Šljokice, and to taste some of the specialties from the restaurant’s menu.