The youngest citizens of Novi Sad escort 2016 with “Little Red Riding Hood and Santa Claus” opera

The youngest citizens of Novi Sad escort 2016 with “Little Red Riding Hood and Santa Claus” opera

New Year’s celebration 2017 in Novi Sad will be remembered as a premiere festival concept under the name “2New!” Also, within Children’s New Year opera for children will be performed in the open in the Danube Park.

The association “High C”, which consists of eight opera singers, including members of the Opera of the Serbian National Theatre and vocal pedagogues from the Academy and Music Schools, and one pianist, will perform opera for children “Little Red Riding Hood” on Saturday, December 31st. Children’s New Year program begins at 10 AM and will last until noon.

Branislav Cvijić, a member of the Serbian National Theatre Opera and, of course, of the Association “High C”, says that opera “Little Red Riding Hood” for the occasion, New Year’s performance in the Danube Park, is complemented with Santa Claus.

– The show is full of singing, music, dancing, jokes, and beautiful costumes. It will be a real classic opera performance, but again something completely new adjusted for children 3 to 11 years old. I believe that our youngest citizens will have a good time, and that this will help them a lot in creating quality musical tastes – said Cvijić.

The association “High C” has four projects of opera performances for children, and the “Little Red Riding Hood”, performed more than 300 times, is one of them. As Cvijić pointed out, the children’s opera performances have been accepted beyond all expectations, which confirms that children are eager of quality performances, whether it comes to theater or opera performances.

Commenting on the festival program “2New!” prepared by “Novi Sad 2021″ team, Cvijić believes that it is a great thing for Novi Sad to support projects that will teach children the culture of life and to recognize the quality and real values.

Fairy-tale celebration of Children’s New Year, on December 31st in the Danube Park, starts early in the morning. As planned, besides “High C” Association and opera performance of the ”Little Red Riding Hood” with Santa Claus, the children will also be entertained in the “Ice Forest” by Branimir Rosić, children’s choir “Zvončići”, a music workshop “Do re mi”, school of music “Melodies”, “Chaos animators” and many others, all with a variety of leisure facilities. Precisely the youngest citizens will first welcome the year 2017, which is scheduled for 12 AM with a spectacular surprise for them.

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