Dušan Svilar with Tamburitza Orchestras from Novi Sad and Osijek in Studio M

Dušan Svilar with Tamburitza Orchestras from Novi Sad and Osijek in Studio M

Within the celebration of the year 7526, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation organises the first among several projects in cooperation with Osijek – the city candidate for the Croatian European Capital of Culture 2020. Through the exchange of experiences in the candidacy process, Osijek and Novi Sad are building cultural values that can inspire envy of any European city.

Therefore, for the celebration of the year 7526, Dušan Svilar will sing for the soul, accompanied by brilliant tamburitza orchestras from Osijek and Novi Sad. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to come to Studio M and hear the famous tamburitza songs that will make people smile and encourage them to sing together.

Dušan Svilar graduated from the music academy as one of the most talented tenors in the region in the last 20 years. He is a trained opera singer who has proven himself as a stage artist in plays and competitions. Dušan Svilar’s refences guarantee a good time for all those who choose to spend the eve of 13 January in Studio M at 21h. There is still a small number of tickets at promotional price of 500 RSD.

The limited number of promotional tickets for the celebration of the year 7526 for remaining locations are available in the GigsTix ticket offices. Tickets for the concerts of Divna Ljubojević and Ímar band, which performs with Slobodan Trkulja as a special guest, have been sold out, and it is expected that tickets for other programmes will be sold out as well. In cooperation with Sterijino Pozorje festival, in the Gigs Tix ticket office in Pariski Magazin in Novi Sad, each 21st buyer of tickets for the upcoming concerts will get a book published by the Sterijino Pozorje. Part of the celebration programme, including the programme for children, will be free and open for visitors.

Performers of various genres will perform at more than 21 cult locations including cultural, administrative, business and educational buildings, as well as catering facilities across Novi Sad. Divna Ljubojević will perform in the Great Hall of the NIS building, Laibach on the ‘Jovan Đorđević’ stage of the Serbian National Theatre, Kaliopi in the Youth Theatre, Matija Dedić and Zoran Predin in Novi Sad Synagogue, Ímar band and their special guest Slobodan Trkulja on the ‘Pera Dobrinović’ stage of the Serbian National Theastre, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in the Synagogue children’s opera of the ‘Visoko C’ association in the Egység chateau, circus Cabaret Bre and Aleksandar Dujin orchestra in the West Hall of the SPENS, various cultural-artistic associations from the Zone 021 in the Hall of the Railway Station The future Youth Creative Polis, the so-called Chinese Quarter, will host programmes on four locations for fans of techno sound and rap music, when Paul Rich from France, Lag, Klaus and Techa will perform in Fabrika, and Necone, Friday Swag, Janchezz, Rasheed and Yeah Left in the Quarter club. Nikola Vranjković will perform in the Novi Sad Theatre / Újvidéki Színház, Marčelo & Napeti Quintet and Mutant Urban Dance Ensemble arrive to Gerila Bar, and the Icy Forest will host a Disco Night.

Free programmes and numerous locations open for all visitors

Great number of programmes will be free for audience, such as Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in the Synagogue, ‘Cinderella’ children’s opera by the ‘Visoko C’ association in Egység, and performances of different cultural-artistic associations from the Zone 021 in the hall of the Railway Station. The entrance is free for the performance of Sara Renar and Ana Ćurčin in the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, concert of Josip A Lisac and Dojo in B-612 club. ‘Laza Kostić’ grammar school hosts Loran Prokopić and friends, the Museum of Vojvodina will host ‘Sveti Stefan Dečanski’ choir, while the Startit centre will host Peaceful Warriors. The Studio M will host pop/rock concert of Novi Sad music schools, Futog Cultural Centre will feature Anatolii Rechkin and Aleksander Lukashevich playing the bayan and balalaika, while the Gallery of Matica Srpska organises virtual tour – experience art with experimental sounds of ‘Bloom’ band.

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