World Famous Virtuoso Roby Lakatos in Novi Sad for Doček 7527

World Famous Virtuoso Roby Lakatos in Novi Sad for Doček 7527

This multitalented and authentic artist connects classical music, jazz and traditional music with his special skills and leaves the audience breathless. Roby Lakatos, one of the most famous violinists in the world, performed within Doček 7527 and gave a masterly performance in the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad on 13 January.

The violin virtuoso, who is hardly to define by the genre, combines great technique and marvellous improvisation with his grandiose talent and charm, which makes him one of the most powerful artists nowadays.

Born in 1965 and raised in the legendary family of gypsy violinists descended from János Bihari – ‘King of Gypsy Violinists’, Lakatos was introduced to music as a child, and at age nine he made his public debut as the first violin in a gypsy band. His music evolved not only within his own family, but also at the ‘Bela Bartok’ Conservatory of Budapest, where he won the first prize for classical violin in 1984.

He attaches a special importance to tradition of cultural heritage of Roma people. The audience is ‘shaking’ from excitement, thus does not hesitate to give long standing ovations in the moment when classical music merges with marvellous rhythms of Hungarian Gypsies. After Liszt and Brahms, who used traditional music in their compositions, Roby Lakatos makes a whirlpool of musical passion, thus sparking a wish among fans of good music that virtuosity never ends.

The night when only Novi Sad is celebrating the year 7527 was reserved for ‘devil’s fiddler’, the one whose fire never dies.

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