Call for Participation in the ‘Doček’ Programme Arch Ended: 23 Applications Approved

Call for Participation in the ‘Doček’ Programme Arch Ended: 23 Applications Approved

Twenty three applications have been approved within the public call for financing the implementation of art programmes in the spaces for independent cultural creative processes wthin the ‘Doček’ programme arch.

The aim of the call was to support performers, established and marginalised art groups, i.e. groups of marginalised individuals, while it has been dedicated to programmes that will be implemented within the opening ceremony of the year of the capital of culture, during the ‘Doček’ programme arch.

Results of the Call:

No Apliccant Name of the project
1. Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre Disco Night of the ‘Radio’ Pop Choir
2. Entrepreneur Dušan Šujić, ‘DIJEGO 21’ Café Novi Sad Doček in Diego
3. ‘Naš zdrav grad’ Association of Citizens The evening of old Serbian music of the region of Vojvodina
4. ‘Taurus’ Association of Alternative Artists Vladimir Ivković All Night Long
5. ‘LAB’ Cultural Centre Tam / Zicer
6. Entrepreneur Mile Vukićević, ‘Doviđenja’ Café Kezz
7. Klin New Year’s Clinic
8. ‘Pero’ Café LTD Novi Sad ‘Singing Actors’
9. Entrepreneur Nikola Pejović, restaurant activities and mobile cafés ‘Mali Pub’ Novi Sad DJ Iron x Dj Goce – Everybody, Disco
10. Café gallery Frida Kahlo Frida in the Mirrors of the Future
11. Bulevar Books LTD Stray Dogg
12. Gerila NS LTD Novi Sad Concert by the music group ‘Lost Propeleros’
13. Zenit Books LTD Soundpainting – Gipsy Groove
14. Entrepreneur Milica Protić, THE PUB NS Café Rock & Roll Saved my Soul
15. ‘Graphic Network’ Association of Citizens New Year’s Graphic Corner
16. Camila Club Absolut Concert by the band ‘Monohrom’, Doček
17. ‘Kažte’ Café Doček 2022
18. ‘Amajlija’ Association AMAJLIJA concert
19. London Family LTD EX-YU CLASH
20. ‘Sokolski dom’ Cultural Centre Doček in Cultural Centre!
21. ‘Bunker’ Creative Workshop ‘Mrlje’
22. Entrepreneur Nenad Pejović, ‘Lazino tele’ Café, Novi Sad The celebration of the Serbian New Year’s Eve
23. ‘Osmoza’ Association Eton Records


Registered catering facilities, associations and other organisations that work and create in the field of culture and art, which have headquarters on the territory of Novi Sad, where culture and art programmes are usually being implemented by the independent scene and established artists who also support the marginalised art groups and individuals, had the right to participate.

‘Doček’ is one of the largest legacy projects of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation. ‘Doček’ represents the two unique celebrations of New Year’s Eve, two ways of measuring time, two alphabets, two types of art, two programme concepts and two openings of the title year of the European Capital of Culture. ‘Doček’ celebrated the interculturality of Novi Sad through numerous programmes across the city on 31 December and 13 January.

This time, 13 January represents the beginning of the title year of the European Capital of Culture, when the opening ceremony will be held. Numerous programmes across the city, at more than 20 locations, indoors, with several hundred European and local artists who participate in the programme od ‘Doček’ and contribute not only to the development of the cultural scene in Novi Sad but activate the unexpected spaces and put them in the service of culture.

Decision on implementation or art programmes within the ‘Doček’ programme arch.

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