Novi Sad’s Doček Collects Awards

Novi Sad’s Doček Collects Awards

This year, Novi Sad officially started the year of the European Capital of Culture with a spectacle within Doček, and the segment of the opening ceremony dedicated to the first Serbian cultural property entered in the UNESCO register of intangible cultural heritage – Slava has now won an award at the world competition of professional photographers.

These are the works of the award-winning photographer Pavel Surový for which the artist won two silver and one bronze medal at the WPE – International Photography Awards in France, in Paris.

Surový received three awards for works from the TRON (En. Throne) collection, which were set up in Novi Sad’s cultural stations during the grand opening of the European Capital of Culture on 14 and 15 January within Doček.

Doček, along with Kaleidoscope of Culture has already brought to Novi Sad the Award for the best European Trend Brand in the field of culture in Dresden in November 2021.

Doček is one of the eight programme arches of the European Capital of Culture and together with the Kaleidoscope of Culture, it is the only one that has been implemented for five years and aspires to remain the legacy of the city even after the title year.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković

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