Kovilj Cultural Station

Kovilj Cultural Station

Kovilj Cultural Station is located in an authentic Vojvodina environment, opposite the birthplace of Laza Kostić, who, in addition to Kovilj’s rich history and tradition, is the greatest pride of this village in the vicinity of Novi Sad.

Although it has long been considered a favourite place of the locals, the house where the new cultural station is located is now becoming a place for contemporary cultural narratives and events encouraged by intergenerational cooperation, as well as a home for cultural and artistic societies from Kovilj and associations of citizens, who have previously used this space.

Thanks to the great hall and other parts of the building, the Kovilj Cultural Station is becoming a new location for an open-air cinema, a summer stage, literary events, concerts and numerous other programmes, and an indispensable stop for all visitors travelling through Vojvodina.

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