The Serbian National Theatre / Large Stage

The Serbian National Theatre / Large Stage

It was founded in 1861 in the Austrian Empire at the time when there was a theatrical tradition in Vojvodina for a long time. The Serbian National Theatre was then a symbol of awakening consciousness and struggle for national freedom and today it is one of the most significant cultural institutions in the country.

The first professional theatre in Serbia was founded by Jovan Đorđević, who was its first professional manager. We should not forget that other cultural institutions such as Sterijino Pozorje (1956), Academy of Arts (1970) and Theatre Museum of Vojvodina (1982) were founded at the initiative of the Serbian National Theatre. After World War II, Opera and Ballet were founded in the Serbian National Theatre.

There are three stages today. The main and the biggest stage, with almost 1000 seats, is named after Jovan Đorđević, the founder, and there are also the small stages, named Pera Dobrinović, and the chamber scene as the smallest and most intimate.

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