Danica Crnogorčević

Danica Crnogorčević

The tickets for the Danica Crnogorčević performance within Doček 7531 have been sold out!

Tickets for other audio-visual events, taking place within Doček 7531 across the city on 13 January, will be sold online and at the Gigs Tix box offices. Get your tickets at special prices on time!

Danica Crnogorčević, the biggest star of spiritual and ethno music in the region, is performing at the Novi Sad Doček for the first time on Serbian New Year’s Eve! This is an opportunity to experience a unique audio and visual event at the large stage of the Serbian National Theatre, on 13 January at 7 p.m.. Along with her performance, we will get to enjoy video works by the artist Petar Bilbija.

She became interested in spiritual music very early on, as a primary school student during religious education classes in Ulcinj. She began studying spiritual and ethno music more seriously in high school, especially after graduating from the High School of Music in Belgrade. Two years in a row, she won a special first place as a soloist at the state competition ‘Zlatna Sirena’ in Belgrade. When she moved to Bar at the end of 2009, she continued to nurture her musical talent in the Antivari musica choir under the baton of Prof. Miro Kruščić, M. Mus., and as a member of the ethno group ZORA.

She released her first solo album of spiritual music entitled ‘Gospode, dođi’ with 11 songs in 2018 with the support and blessing of the Ostrog Monastery. Her song ‘Veseli se srpski rode’, which was published on Vidovdan 2020, became an unofficial anthem and symbolic-historical liturgy for the defence of Orthodox holy sites in Montenegro. She performed at numerous spiritual and ethno music festivals throughout Europe. Together with her husband, deacon Ivan Crnogorčević, she is the founder of the ‘Veseli se serbski rode’ Foundation. In the summer of 2020, she published the song ‘Pravoslavlje Crnom Gorom blista’, which she wrote together with her husband Ivan.

You can buy tickets at a promotional price online, and in-store at Gigs Tix.

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