The tickets for Divanhana performance within Doček 7531 have been sold out!

Tickets for other audio-visual events, taking place within Doček 7531 across the city on 13 January, will be sold online and at the Gigs Tix box offices. Get your tickets at special prices on time!

They #spreadsevdah all around the world for more than two decades – the world-famous band ‘Divanhana’ brings us a mixture of sevdah and science, turning the melancholic sevdah melodies into pop, jazz and many other genres. They will perform at the ‘Laza Kostić’ Grammar School theatre on 13 January at 9 p.m., bringing the European Capital of Culture diversity, which is already a common theme of Doček.

You can buy tickets at a promotional price online, as well as in the entire Gigs Tix sales network.

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