Lajkó Félix

Lajkó Félix

The tickets for the Lajkó Félix performance within Doček 7531 have been sold out!

Tickets for other audio-visual events, taking place within Doček 7531 across the city on 13 January, will be sold online and at the Gigs Tix box offices. Get your tickets at special prices on time!

Lajkó Félix, one of the most recognised world music violinists in Europe will create an authentic musical atmosphere within a unique play of lights in the Reformed Christian Church on 13 January, as part of Doček 7531. A Pannonian violinist who mesmerised the world will present the beauty of a violin, a zither and traditional string instruments in an ambience that can only be experienced at Doček!

Video-scenography by director Aleksandar Nikolić will feature the performance by Lajkó Félix at the Reformed Christian Church built in the neo-Gothic style.

Lajkó Félix was born in 1974 in Bačka Topola, a town in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Vojvodina. Having started playing the zither in childhood, Lajkó graduated in saxophone at the High School of Music in Subotica at the Department of Wind Instruments. He went to Budapest with a borrowed violin and become a member of the ‘Dresch’ Quartet. Despite loving music, no one in the family had chosen music as a profession before him. Lajkó Félix has been commuting between Budapest and Subotica ever since, representing and culturally connecting Hungary and his native Vojvodina region.
As critics say, Félix Lajkó handles music rather impulsively, so there’s no need to define the style or genre of his music since it is exactly about the opposites, that is, accepting the inexplicable.
Lajkó Félix has often played together with a large number of well-known bands and soloists. He has had several concerts with Alexander Bălănescu and Boban Marković’s brass orchestra. His violin music captivated musically sensitive audiences in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Brașov, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Lyon, Bordeaux, Venice, Verona, Edinburgh, London, Tallinn, Vienna, and New York. Often referred to as the Devil’s Violinist, the Paganini of Vojvodina, or a child prodigy, once he is on stage with an instrument – be it the violin or the zither – Lajkó is capable of doing anything, of guarding his audience to a world that opens up only to those born with a special talent.
Aleksandar Nikolić graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, Theatre and Radio Directing Department. He also studied art history and industrial design. He pursued higher education in the field of opera in Italy, Germany, and Greece.
Since 2019, he has been the director of the Little Theatre Duško Radović. Aleksandar Nikolić is an Associate Professor at the Belgrade Dance Institute (Stage Directing in Opera and Ballet Department). Since 2016, he has been teaching international master classes in Israel and Serbia intended for opera singers. He is the recipient of the highest awards in the field of art – the ‘Žamboki’ Foundation and the City of Jerusalem ‘For Outstanding Contribution to the Culture of the City of Jerusalem’ in 2018, the GIPAC Foundation in Boston for the development of opera art and pedagogy, as well as the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad for ‘exceptional collaboration with the Serbian National Theatre Opera Ensemble and improving the artistic level of the Serbian National Theatre’s opera performances’. In season 2015/16, Aleksandar Nikolić was engaged in the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London as a director on duty for the ‘La Traviata’ opera.

You can buy tickets online and at the Gigs Tix box offices.

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