YU Grupa

YU Grupa

The tickets for the YU Grupa performance within Doček 7531 have been sold out!

Tickets for other audio-visual events, taking place within Doček 7531 across the city on 13 January, will be sold online and at the Gigs Tix box offices. Get your tickets at special prices on time!

After three decades in Novi Sad, in the acoustic edition and on the theatre stage — the legends of ex-yu rock, the YU Grupa comes to Doček 7531 with an unplugged version of the performance, in the ceremonial hall of the NIS company. After half a century of existence, it is time for something more than a concert. See you on 13 January at 9 p.m.!

The YU Grupa was formed in the fall of 1970 by guitarist and singer Dragi Jelić, organist Miodrag Mive Okrugić and drummer Velibor Boka Bogdanović. The Jelić brothers started their career in 1962 in the Albatrosi band. Dragi played bass, Žika rhythm guitar, their brother Rade played solo guitar, and Vladislav Žužek played drums. During the sixties, Dragi and Žika achieved significant success on the Belgrade rock scene.
At a performance in the Zemun club ‘Sinagoga’ on 29 November 1970, disc jockey Zoran Modli invited the audience to choose their name. The young man Miroslav Stanivuk’s proposal was accepted and from that evening they were a YU Grupa.
In the 1970s, they became pioneers in the meaningful use of ethnic sound in local rock music, and in that period their greatest hits were also created: ‘Crni Leptir’, ‘Trka’, ‘Čudna Šuma’ and ‘More’. They collaborated with many local and regional artists, both on albums and on concerts. The lyrics were written by Marina Tucaković, the guests were Laza Ristovski (keyboards), and the accompanying vocals were sung by Slađana Milošević and Bebi Dol. Indexi, Drago Mlinarec, Korni Grupa, Time and R.M. Točak played with them.
At the concert celebration on the occasion of the band’s twenty-second birthday, the old members gathered, and they also received a newcomer, guitarist Petar Jelić. In that lineup, they recorded the album ‘Rome 1994’ in Italy. The record brought them a radio hit ‘Odlazim’.
In the fall of 1997, an interesting document appeared, a pirated CD on which there is a recording of a concert by the YU Grupa from the very beginning of their career, from the Zemun Sinagoga. In those years, they performed more often abroad than at home. Although already officially retired, Dragi and Žika, after a long break, recorded the CD ‘Dugo Znamo Se’ at the end of 2004. Bebi Dol, Duda Baćino and Zvonko Đukić (Van Gogh) wrote the lyrics along with Petar.
The Jelić brothers rode Harley Davidson motorcycles, and on that occasion they made the documentary series ‘Old Dixie Highway’.
On the occasion of 45 years of work, they recorded the album ‘Evo Stojim Tu’ on which Igor Malešević played drums. Žika sang the songs ‘A Banki Je 7’ and ‘Žao Mi Je Što Nisam Tvoj’, and for the first time in his career he composed the music for them. He also played pedal steel guitar. The texts were written by Bora Đorđević, Nikola Čuturilo, Petar Jelić and Bob Janković.
The YU Grupa received a valuable dedication from Disciplina Kičme in the cover of the song ‘Čudna Šuma’ published on the album ‘Svi Za Mnom!’
In February 2016, they were awarded a silver medal ‘for outstanding contributions to culture, the rock and roll segment.’

You can buy tickets at a promotional price online, as well as in the entire Gigs Tix sales network.

The Doček programme is supported by NIS.

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