Three Unusual Exhibitions at Doček in Novi Sad

Three Unusual Exhibitions at Doček in Novi Sad

Thanks to the European Capital of Culture title, Novi Sad is the only city that will enter the New Year with three unusual exhibitions inspired by great Serbian world-class scientists – Mileva Marić Einstein, Milutin Milanković and Nikola Tesla. New practices developed in the field of new media arts, as part of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture project, have enabled Doček in Novi Sad on 31 December to be a special event and a unique visual experience. In three locations, the brilliant minds of science and their creativity will once again shine through art.

Exhibitions – Working Hours

Tesla Light Gallery at the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress was opened for visitors during New Year’s Eve, while exhibitions Milutin: Time and Universe and Mileva: We Are One Rock are still on view.

The Milutin: Time and Universe exhibition will be closed on 6 and 7 January, while after the holidays, you will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition at Studio M, Tuesday through Saturday, from 12 to 8 p.m., at prices of RSD 300 for individual visits, RSD 200 for group visits (more than five people), while the family ticket is RSD 1000. Children up to the age of seven do not pay the entrance fee.

The Mileva: We Are One Rock exhibition opens on 6 January, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., while the exhibition will be closed on 7 January. After the holidays, the exhibition will be open for visitors every day, except Monday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at prices of RSD 400 for individual visits, while the family ticket is RSD 1000.

Mileva and Milutin – Symbols of the Beginning and End of the European Capital of Culture

Mileva and Milutin were the central figures of the official opening of the European Capital of Culture, on 13 January this year, through the Zeniteum spectacle. That is when an exhibition inspired by Milanković’s work Milutin: Time and Universe was opened, and now that circle will be closed with the exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock, as the crown jewel of the title year, with these two exhibitions representing one whole. Just as the famous Studio M got a completely new look through the programme Milutin: Time and Universe building, now, the same has been done with the 1,200 square meters of the renovated part of the City Museum of Novi Sad at the Petrovaradin Fortress, where the exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock will be installed.

‘They actually form one work, rounded off by the inspiration I found in these two great minds, but I left some room for further research. Mileva too, like Time and Universe, will be an interactive multimedia installation that puts visitors in the very centre of events and takes them out of the standard passive role. I designed the interior architecture of the space so that it will be able to accommodate a composition that convincingly depicts a story inspired by the brilliant mind of Mileva Marić. With this intention, I completely cancel the external light and build light entities in which I write words, drawings, animations, scenographic elements, etc. This work of art is certainly not a classic documentary or linear exhibition that we are used to seeing in our museums,’ said the author of both exhibitions, artist Dušan Jovović, PhD.

During the last day of 2022, but also during New Year’s Eve, there will be numerous guided tours of the exhibitions Mileva: We Are One Rock (City Museum of Novi Sad at the Petrovaradin Fortress) and Milutin: Time and Universe (Studio M). Admission to both exhibitions is free, but registration is required.

Tesla – Light Gallery

Novi Sad entered the year 2022, and will round it off, with Tesla Light Gallery in the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Through unusual light installations, the baroque gem of Novi Sad, which dates back to the 17th century, will thus become a unique setting for entering the year 2023, which proved to be an excellent solution last 31 December, when Doček in Novi Sad was moved for the first time in several decades from the main city square. Chida Yasuhiro from Japan, one of Artdex’s ‘9 Brilliant Light Artists You Need to Know’, Pavla Beranova from the Czech Republic, winner of the awards for interactive installations and best lighting design, Dorijan Kolundžija, who runs the studio for new media ‘Gallery 12’, one of whose projects is the Museum of the Future in Dubai, Goran Despotovski as a representative of the Union of Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV), artists Dejan Stojkov and Anđelko Popić and others.

‘For Doček on 31 December, a visual spectacle awaits you. We will work on the 3D mapping of the Belgrade Gate, along with the creation of an audio-visual space that will include everything around the Belgrade Gate, in order to bring lighting and video mapping closer to everyone and complete the visual experience accompanied by the music programme that will take place on this evening,’ said the artists Dejan Stojkov and Anđelko Popić.

Music Programme on 31 December in Novi Sad

The citizens of Novi Sad and the guests of the city will enter 2023 with the famous British trio Kosheen, then the winners of the BRIT Award – the band Stereo MC’s, the favourite of the Berlin clubs, DJ Biesmans, one of the largest and most popular vocal groups in the world – Perpetuum Jazzile, but also with the famous local alternative bands Repetitor, Obojeni Program, Monohrom, and others.

Admission is free to all music performances, exhibitions and other visual programmes in the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as part of the Doček 2023 programme.

Erste Bank is the exclusive partner of the exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković, Mira Chaloupka, Promo

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