Doček at Noon

Doček at Noon

The performance by Danilav Kitsch ensemble will be held at Bulevar Books bookstore on 13 January at noon within Doček 7531.

Band members Daniel More and Lav Kovač are already well-known, seasoned and beloved improvisers on the Novi Sad scene. Both of them deal with different forms of improvised music, under the Novi Sad collective Horz. As Danilav Kitsch, they explore rhythmic and processional music, using their native instruments as well as electronic sound toys, taking somewhat of a background role in creating the atmosphere at Bulevar Books.

For a decade now, the Bulevar Books bookstore has been carrying out its mission of affirming alternative and less represented musical genres and giving its space to original bands that best represent those deficient genres, which is why this year during Doček they are presenting one such ensemble.

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