Richard Galliano – solo: Passion Galliano

Richard Galliano – solo: Passion Galliano

The famous accordionist Richard Galliano, who changed the history of the accordion, performed on 5 continents, and received prestigious music awards, is coming to Doček in Novi Sad and will perform in the City Concert Hall on 13 January from 8 p.m.!

He collaborated with the famous Astor Piazzolla, accordionists such as Joss Baselli, André Astier, singers such as Claude Nougaro, Serge Reggiani, Barbara, jazzers Chet Baker, Charlie Haden, Ron Carter and Michel Portal. As the only accordion player, he released 4 albums for the famous Deutsche Grammophon label.

He has been spreading his passion for music at concerts around the world for 50 years.

Richard Galliano changed the course of accordion history. We can talk about before and after Galliano – Yushiro Kobayashi, accordionist and accompanist of the singer Björk.

The concert is sold out.

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