Radnički Dom

Radnički Dom ‘Svetozar Marković’ (Labours Union building) on Mihajla Pupina Boulevard is one of the unjustly neglected locations in Novi Sad that has great potential to gather an audience interested in a wide variety of cultural programmes.

Radnički Dom represented the building of the Association of Independent Trade Unions of the City of Novi Sad, and it was built according to the project of the great Dragiša Brašovan, who won the first prize at the exhibition of modern architecture in Prague for this very project. The Labour Union Quarters, as it was then called, was opened in 1931 and served as a gathering place for those who protected the rights and moral and material interests of the workers of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Excellent performers are bringing a different kind of techno – the rave is live and there is no DJ. ABOP tells us that the after is always better than the party itself (After is Better than the Party — ABOP), which we will see for ourselves at Doček 7531 at Radnički Dom at 10 p.m. They took home the Croatian Ambasador Award in 2017 for the best electronic band and soon became ambassadors of techno that you should not miss in the New Year.