SCCNS Fabrika / District

Fabrika is a programme space of the Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, located in the Creative District, a part of the city that, after several decades, experienced a transformation and, while respecting the specific identity of the location, became a centre of contemporary creativity.

SCCNS Fabrika is surrounded by the renovated spaces of the Creative District – Rdionica, Skladište, Menza, Biro and Liman Cultural Station, is a well-known place for the exchange of various artistic content. Fabrika offers a number of possibilities, because the space is very adaptable to various programme events.

Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (SCCNS) was founded in 1993 and is of great importance for the cultural life of young people in Novi Sad.

The programme activities of the institution take place through literary, theatre, music and stage, music and artistic creation, by insisting on true artistic values, thus performing an educational role with the young people. A special focus is on young talents and their affirmation.

On an annual level, SCCNS implements over 60 concerts, 40 collective and independent exhibitions, 40 speaking programmes, workshops and exchanges (comics, vinyl, design exchanges, handicrafts, etc.), 10 literary/musical editions and their promotions, several theatre performances and four large festivals.

SCCNS is the winner of the October Award of the City of Novi Sad in 2011 for contribution in the field of culture and education, contribution to the improvement of multiculturalism and influence on the social life of young people.

The indie rock stars, the band Shortparis, which is widely known for its live performances, will share an exclusive experience at the site of Novi Sad’s industrial heritage, in the renovated Fabrika, on 13 January at 11 p.m., as part of Doček 7531. Don’t miss the audio-visual event in the minimalist ambience of Fabrika, bringing the avant-garde band that breaks streaming records on all platforms and amazes all over again with its electronic soundscapes.