Svilara Cultural Station

The former silk factory and a symbol of Novi Sad’s industrial heritage was restored after almost 200 years. Right now, as the Svilara Cultural Station, it gathers fellow citizens, artists, and creative workers, and involves them with the cultural activities of the city.

Located in the Almaš Neighbourhood, one of the oldest districts of the city, the Novi Sad silk dyeing factory worked full-time until the 1970s. Today, there is no longer silk in this area, but the old factory and the recognisable chimney persistently and for a long time kept the memory of the time when Svilara was the generator of the economic and social development of the area.

Initiated and accepted by the local community and supported and implemented within the Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture project, the Svilara Cultural Station is a representative example of the revitalisation and synergy of various factors united by common values and goals. This is a space that represents a true example of the cultural heritage of this region and is suitable for a variety of artistic contents and programmes, with the main programme theme being cultural heritage.

The long-term initiative of the local community to declare the Almaš Neighbourhood a protected cultural-historical site, which was joined by the new energy created around the Svilara Cultural Station, finally came to fruition in June 2019.

In the 21st century, Svilara continues to produce – this time, creative ideas and encouragement for creativity.

The well-known voice of the local alternative scene, Sana Garić, is winning over the region with incredible speed. After striking hits and nominations for awards that have positioned her on the European scene as well, she will arrive at the Svilara Cultural Station on 13 January at 9 p.m., with a very special way to celebrate Doček! Her performance in Svilara will be complemented by the works of visual artist from AUNS Svetlana Klopan.