In addition to exciting musical performances, the Tesla Light Gallery will mark Doček celebrated on 31 December. Through the play of light, movement and sounds of interactive audio-visual artistic interventions, the Tesla Light Gallery will give the baroque jewel of Novi Sad, Suburbium, and the Petrovaradin fortress, one of the best-preserved fortifications in Europe, a completely new ambience. The Tesla Light Gallery will include works by Chida Yasuhiro from Japan, one of Artdex’s ‘9 Brilliant Light Artists’, Pavla Beranová from the Czech Republic, a winner of awards for interactive installations and best light design, Dorijan Kolundžija, who runs the ‘Gallery 12’ new media studio, and whose one of the projects is the Museum of the Future in Dubai, Goran Despotovski, a representative of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV), artists Dejan Stojkov and Anđelko Popić and others.

Doček’s philosophy is unity in diversity, co-life in duality – between two calendars, day and night, light and darkness, sound and image, past and future, tradition and modern technologies, connected by unique energy, the same as Tesla’s. Through the Tesla Light Gallery, the baroque ambience of the Suburbium and the Petrovaradin Fortress itself will become a meeting place for these opposites, bound together by the energy of light. Exploring light as a life principle that binds all levels of existence, artists turn Suburbium and Fortress into a meeting place through various artistic media.

The light kinetic installation ‘Time of Flight’ by artist Dorijan Kolundžija will be presented within the Tesla Light Gallery. It will be installed near the clock tower at the Petrovaradin Fortress. ‘Time of Flight’ is a complex system of sources of light, video projections and motorised mechanic elements synchronised within a complex, intriguing choreography that accompanies the musical ambience composed and produced for the project based on audio recordings of the clock mechanism at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Japanese artist Chida Yasuhira will also present her light installation ‘Brocken’ at the Fortress. It is an interactive object inspired by the mysterious Brocken spectre that occurs when the sun is positioned directly behind you, thereby breaking and scattering the light rays. Chida recreates this phenomenon in a large metal cube in which he punctures over 50 thousand holes by hand. Concentrated bundles of light penetrate the dark space and create an illusion that the light is following you.

As a representative of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV), Goran Despotovski will present an interactive video work, ‘Necklace’, on the small stage in Štrosmajerova Street. The concept of the work is based on the visual interpretation of the subdued form, through the processes of certain movements of the subject and the environment. The ‘Necklace’ represents a three-part video including the movement principles: formation and disappearance, the spirit energy and surrounding manifestations.

The Czech artist Pavla Beranova will present the light and sound installation ‘Words on Wire’ at the Petrovaradin Fortress as part of the Doček visual programme. The installation will be placed on the path from the City Museum of Novi Sad towards the clock, where the works of art will be tucked among the treetops. Birds have been considered in many cultures as symbols of freedom. Writing as a keeper of national traditions, memories and heritage. Czech artist Pavla Beranova transformed these values into 21 lightning objects with the use of short texts and poems that she collected in 16 world languages. The light penetrates perforated texts and projects on leaves of trees, grass or city pavements.

Art installations by Dejan Stojkov and Anđelko Popić in the form of a video-scenography accompanying musical performances, will be shown on the small stage near the Belgrade. A specially designed video was created for each artist performing on the small stage.

In addition to multimedia artists presenting their work within the Tesla Light Gallery, the ‘Mileva: We Are One Rock’ exhibition by the author Dušan Jovović, PhD, in the City Museum of Novi Sad and exciting musical performances by local and European artists Kosheen, Stereo MC’s, Biesmans, Repetitor, Obojeni Program, Perpetuum Jazzile, Monohrom and others, will contribute to a unique audio-visual experience at Suburbium and Petrovaradin Fortress on 31 December.

Photo: Toru Tsuji, Jelena Janković, Promo

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