Dance into the New Year mesmerised by an extraordinary blend of electro, soul, pop and metal music – Kosheen is coming to Suburbium! The fatefully formed British trio, made up of successful solo artists, has been ruling the charts since the 90s, and their concerts are pushing the boundaries of the live music experience. At this Doček, we will be part of the musical revolution that Kosheen creates with each new song!
See you on December 31 on the main stage at the Belgrade Gate at 11 p.m.

Kosheen is a name that will resonate with live EDM fans around the world. After breaking into the mainstream with their stunning debut single Hide U at the turn of the millennium, the group followed up this success with singles Catch, All In My Head and the platinum debut album Resist. Fuelled by the much-loved Glastonbury 2002 and instantly capturing the attention of critics and fans around the world, Resist set the scene for what would be their meteoric rise over the next decade: with the charismatic Sian Evans, Kosheen hit the top of the 10 album charts twice, topping the UK and European singles charts and pioneering a sound that fuses breakbeat and drum and bass with conventional songs, captivating audiences with music that drew influence from the sounds and rhythms of electronic music, the passion of vocal-driven pop and the crushing intensity of rock and metal.

After nearly two decades and five studio albums, Kosheen broke up at the peak of their career to pursue alternative creative paths. Frontman Sian Evans quickly established a reputation as a talented songwriter and in-demand singer, working with everyone from DJ Fresh and Stanton Warriors to Chicane and Headhunterz, while developing a new solo album and live show.

In 2019, Sian injected this newfound energy and passion into a reformed Kosheen line-up, which now includes original drummer Mitchell Glover playing alongside two new members who perform great sets that remain as emotional and powerful as ever.

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