Straight from the best Berlin clubs, a unique fusion of nostalgia and optimism is coming to Doček in Novi Sad on 31 December and it is being brought by Biesmans, a Belgian-German DJ and ruler of the festival stages around the world. Raised in a small Flemish village, with a passion for synthesizers and electronic music, the ‘most beloved performer of Berlin parties’ will create an unforgettable atmosphere in Suburbium with their authentic synth sound.
He performs in Suburbium on the main stage in front of the Belgrade Gate at 00:30 a.m..

Sometimes all it takes is a synth to find out what you want to dedicate your life to. In Biesmans’ case, the moment came when he was eight years old, and played his first ecstatic notes on his first, small, colourful, but a quite unique synthesizer. Growing up in the Belgian countryside in the 90s may not sound appealing to some, but for Biesmans the region of Flanders was a playground full of discotheques and after-hours clubs, which left a lasting impression on him. These experiences with the crowd on the dance floor ignited a fire within him that made him pursue a professional path as an artist: majoring in electronic music, then finally moving to Berlin in 2013 to explore the full spectrum of techno and house. For a while, every job he had, had been to fund his synthesizer obsession, until an opportunity to be a sound engineer for Watergate came along, and his breakthrough as a DJ happened in no time. Bismans’ energy behind the mixing desk is impressive, and the hard work he puts into his creative achievement is heard in every note.


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