She boldly raps about the problems that plague young people, has millions of views and is winning everyone over by being direct – Mimi Mercedez, the indomitable energy of the Belgrade rap scene, is coming to the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress for Doček 2023! She will perform on the big stage at Prote Mihaldžića Square on December 31 at 11:30 p.m.

Milena Janković, better known as Mimi Mercedez, is a controversial rapper from Belgrade who recorded her first song in 2011, but she only started rapping professionally in 2015, when she released her first EP and started performing. Since then, she has held many successful concerts in cities throughout the region and has become one of our most popular female rappers.

Although opinions about Mimi’s music and the views she expresses through it are extremely conflicting, what everyone who has had the opportunity to attend any of her public appearances agrees on is that her wild energy and specifically direct relationship with the audience are undeniably her trademarks.

Her authentic way of processing topics that worry today’s youth, although uncensored and brutally direct, manages to find a way to a wider audience and that is what makes Mimi Mercedez a unique musical phenomenon in this area.

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