Circus Cabaret for the First Time in Novi Sad for Doček 7526

Circus Cabaret for the First Time in Novi Sad for Doček 7526

The Novi Sad audience will have a chance to experience, for the first time in Novi Sad, the Cabaret Bre and Aleksandar Dujin Orchestra on the eve of 13 January in the West Hall of the SPENS at 20h. This extraordinary event will include aerial acrobatics, parterre acrobatics, cyrweel, juggling, comedy, dance…

Tickets are on sale in the Gigs Tix ticket office at promotional price of 300 RSD.

Circus artists will open the cabaret doors at 19h, so the visitors are invited to come early and take their seats.

‘Cirkoneo’ is a new circus movement in Novi Sad, it combines two organisations – ‘Ludifico’ centre for development of circus arts, and ‘Kreativni Pogon’, which work on popularisation and development of the new circus scene in our city for a long time. Now they present their latest project, Circus Cabaret Bre, which is the result of their cooperation with the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, and of hard trainings and rehearsals with the new generation of circus artists. The performers are experiences artists, and there is a special guest – Nemanja Jovanović, a graduate from the renowned French circus school Académie Fratellini. Professor Aleksandar Dujin with his orchestra will provide music, without which there is no cabaret.

The limited number of promotional tickets for the celebration of the year 7526 for remaining locations are available in the Gigs Tix ticket offices.

In cooperation with Sterijino Pozorje festival, in the Gigs Tix ticket office in Pariski Magazin in Novi Sad, each 21st buyer of tickets for the upcoming concerts will get a book published by the Sterijino Pozorje.

Citizens of Novi Sad, and their guests, will celebrate the eve of 13 January at more than 21 cult locations including cultural, administrative, business and educational buildings, as well as catering facilities in Novi Sad.

Part of the celebration programme, including the programme for children, will be free and open for visitors.

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