Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

The famous former ‘Youth Forum’ became today’s Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (CCNS), one of the biggest and most significant cultural institutions in Novi Sad and Vojvodina. CCNS promotes creative work and the creation of film, stage, music and literature content and organises forums, projects, activities and manifestations.

Furthermore, the CCNS publishes the literature magazine ‘Polja’, famous in Novi Sad. The Cultural Centre also organises international festivals such as Prosefest, Infant, the Novi Sad Jazz festival and Euro-In. The Cultural Centre has several venues, such as the Cinema Hall, the ‘Youth Forum’ Club, Small Art Salon and Art Salon.

A singer whose voice expands the genre boundaries and fills large concert halls, Tijana Bogićević, will give an intimate concert in the cosy atmosphere of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad on 13 January at 9 p.m. The authentic singer-songwriter will take you on another magical journey with warm melodies and emotional lyrics that have been an identifying mark of her music for years.

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