‘Laza Kostić’ Grammar School

‘Laza Kostić’ Grammar School

The famous ‘Laza Kostić’ Grammar School is the youngest grammar school in Serbia. Its name dates from 2000 and previously the ‘József Attila’ Primary School and Traffic School were situated at the site. School Day is 12 February – the birthday of Laza Kostić, the great Serbian romantic poet.

The grammar school is of a general type, with programmes similar to those in classical grammar schools. What makes this school special is the school-leading theatre in the country, with numerous awards and recognitions at various festivals as a proof. The theatre troupe also reached Moscow, where it participated in the ‘Slovenian Dawn’ manifestation with the ‘Claustrophobic Comedy’ play. Perhaps the most important thing about this theatre is the fact that many students who participated in school plays found their way into professional theatres later.

They #spreadsevdah all around the world for more than two decades – the world-famous band Divanhana brings us a mixture of sevdah and science, turning the melancholic sevdah melodies into pop, jazz and many other genres. They will perform at the ‘Laza Kostić’ Grammar School theatre on 13 January at 9 p.m., bringing the European Capital of Culture diversity, which is already a common theme of Doček.

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