Excellent performers are bringing a different kind of techno – the rave is live and there is no DJ! ABOP tells us that the after is always better than the party itself (After is Better than the Party — ABOP), which we will see for ourselves at Doček 7531 at Radnički Dom at 10 p.m.! They took home the Croatian Ambasador Award in 2017 for the best electronic band and soon became ambassadors of techno that you should not miss in the New Year!

ABOP is an electronic group inspired by house, electro, techno and other genres of early club music. Two drummers playing one set of drums is what makes their live performance stand out.

The band’s name was cut down to the size of a four-letter acronym – ABOP. They are an award-winning and acclaimed Croatian electronic music band. While there is a rave on the floor, the crowd is in a trance and although there is no DJ, ABOP consisting of five brilliant musicians on stage is there to rock the crowd.

Live drum machine – Ivan Levačić and Ivan Vodopijec share a drum set, sit across from each other and hit the same bass drum. They are followed by the heavy bass lines of Erol Zejnilović, digital synthesizers of Ivan Bozanić and Rolando TB-303, Future Retro 777 and numerous other analogue and digital synthesizers of Bogumil Kulaga. It is best to listen to them live when their performance is enriched by Andrija Santra’s outstanding light design and Igor Ivanković’s intricate sound design.

Their first release, the self-titled EP from 2016, sold out. They performed in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. All the while, they stayed relevant in the region as well, by performing at festivals such as the EXIT Festival, Dimensions and Terraneo. In 2017, the band received the Ambasador Award for the best electronic music band (Croatian music award recognising achievements in electronic music). In 2018, ABOP released their first music video for the song Right Now, directed by Katrin Novaković. The animated stop-motion video was presented at numerous animation and music video festivals, the most famous of which was the Berlin Music Video Awards 2019, where the band performed.

In November 2019, the band released their first LP Delta with the successful regional indie label PDV. The album was mixed and mastered by Croatian techno leader Petar Dundov.

You can buy tickets at a promotional price online, and in-store at Gigs Tix.


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