Space Motion & Tribe

Space Motion & Tribe

The tickets for the Space Motion & Tribe performance within Doček 7531 have been sold out!

Tickets for other audio-visual events, taking place within Doček 7531 across the city on 13 January, will be sold online and at the Gigs Tix box offices. Get your tickets on time!

One of the most successful Serbian producers and DJs has just returned from a tour in India and is coming to Doček on 13 January: we will listen to Space Motion & Tribe at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, which will host fans of techno and house music following the global trend of combining such spaces and electronic music. The visionary producer and DJ who is one step closer to world domination every day, will perform with his guest DJs from the country and the region, including the popular Italian DJ Undercatt.

On the same day, 13 January, at 6 p.m., a masterclass called ‘THE MIX FOR SUCCESS’ will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina for all interested music producers, artists and enthusiasts of the club scene. The masterclass will consist of two parts.

The first, theoretical segment, aims to bring young artists closer to various aspects of a musical career, from the best way to present oneself to an international audience and how to create an authentic musical image, to the various mechanisms used in promotion and marketing when placing on a competitive international music scene. The second part involves practical work in the domain of mixing USB and Traktor, with an analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.

While admission to the masterclass is free, with mandatory registration by email info@serbiacreates.rs no later than 11 January by midnight, admission to the party, which starts at 10 p.m., is charged. You can buy tickets online, as well as throughout the Gigs Tix network.

Space Motion has been present on the local scene for almost two decades, and in recent years his parties have toured the world from Ibiza, through Delhi, Dubai, Beirut, Paris, which promises us a good party on 13 January in recognizable rhythms and in a space that preserves contemporary achievements of local art .

Space Motion regularly performs in all parts of the world at the most prestigious festivals.

His contribution to music has resulted in domination the world’s most respected playlists, streaming channels, download charts and DJ support charts over the past few years, earning a string of endorsements from some of the world’s leading names (such as Solomun, Pete Tong , Tiesto, Camelphat, Nora en Pure and others) in the melodic techno, progressive, trance and tech house genres, with their unmistakable, cutting-edge sound.

The energy and passion of Space Motion’s performances and productions have earned him international recognition among leading music influencers and the global club community. He looks to create a new wave of underground music, leaving his loyal fans, followers, colleagues and critics eagerly awaiting his next move.

Undercatt has one of the most authentic and exciting sounds among electronic music artists today. Elia Crecchi (aka Undercatt), a native of beautiful Tuscany, Italy, began his career creating monthly parties in his hometown. Thanks to his creative vision and musical wisdom, the parties quickly developed a strong local following and became a destination for international DJs. The residency also gave him the opportunity to test new music and provided a springboard for a global career.

Describing Undercatt as a true compromise between melody and groove, Crecchi likes to experiment with sounds that range from melodic to electronica to dark techno. Undercatt’s innovative sound caught the attention of none other than Solomon, who became an early music champion with his release Diynamic.

Undercatt’s productions such as Brittania and Futura (produced by Luca Luperini), with 5 million and 2 million Spotify streams, have received rave reviews from music peers and have already garnered three Pete Tong Essential New Tunes on BBC Radio 1. With the growing demand for his output, Undercatt shows his range of work and sets out on a mission to create music that is not limited to one specific genre. This openness to a variety of sounds has resonated with talent agents worldwide who have booked Undercatt for some of the world’s top events such as DC 10, Rex Paris, Roxy Prague, Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam, and most notably, closing Diynamic’s state at Tomorrowland. With more productions along with his signature sound, this unique star from Pisa is clearly at the forefront of electronic music today.

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