Svetlana Klopan/AUNS + Sana Garić

Svetlana Klopan/AUNS + Sana Garić

Visual artist Svetlana Klopan will present her works with the performance of Sana Garić at the Svilara Cultural Station on 13 January from 9 p.m.

The series of works ‘Escape’ present the desire to stratify previously destroyed nature. The degradation of materials, through rust as a motif, continues off the project that was started two years ago, in digital form in the form of an alarm. A reminder of deconstruction, and destruction, but the desire to exist. The goal is to adapt to the times, to understand transience, but to save what is known and what is current to minimise the act of decay. Depiction of decay as a totem while the abstract approach to chaos, dynamics, and modification of form calls for remembrance of what follows and the current, observed state.

Svetlana Klopan was born in 2000 in Subotica. She graduated from the ‘Mileva Marić Einstein’ Technical School in Novi Sad. She enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2019.

She had her first solo exhibition in 2020 at the Izba Cafe Gallery in Novi Sad under the name ‘Digest’.

She held her second solo exhibition ‘Trulo’ in 2021 in the Open Studio F(OAF) gallery in Subotica. She participated in the collective exhibition ‘Grafika i crtež’ in Niš at Pavilion 2021.

Her photos were published in the Croatian magazine Kontrapost in Zagreb in 2021, under the title ‘Smeće’. She exhibited the space installation ‘Najgora verzija’ at the SULUV Gallery as part of the joint exhibition called ‘Kôd u umetnosti’.

She is a participant in the project and joint exhibition ‘Differences’ in 2022, which was organised in the District of Novi Sad. She also participated in the 8th International Biennale of Student Photography with an open exhibition in December 2021 at the SCCNS Fabrika in Novi Sad.

She exhibited at the 48th Palette of Youth in the Art Gallery of the Vrbas Cultural Centre in May 2022. She participated in the joint exhibition of selected student photos ‘Best of 2022’ at the District, Novi Sad.

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