New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

Doček 7531 will be held at the Kovilj Cultural Station, on 13 January at 7 p.m. We can expect a New Year’s Eve cultural and artistic programme, with festive songs and dances from all over Serbia. The folklore ensemble Laza Kostić, Vasino Kolo Cultural and Artistic Society and the Kovilje Singing Group (children’s choir) will prepare a great night for a New Year’s Eve that will resemble the way our great-grandparents welcomed the New Year.

Folk revelry with children’s songs, joy and some gifts will bring smiles to the faces of all the spectators present. In the audience, there will be families of children who will perform, and thus a real family atmosphere will be created. The programme will be led by children who will talk about what holidays and games in the snow used to look like, as opposed to now, as well as about decorating the Christmas tree, ornaments and baubles, national costumes and gifts. Their stories will be accompanied by song and dance.

The main idea of New Year’s Eve is for everyone to have a good time, and for some to learn how people used to live, how much they worked, and above all, how they enjoyed a warm family atmosphere.

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