Digital art – TWO

Digital art – TWO

The presentation of Digital art – TWO by the Iwano Project Foundation will be held on 13 January from 8 p.m. to midnight at the G-Point Media Centre, on the first floor of SPENS (next to the Macut Gallery).

HD projections with a total of around 200 Digital Artworks will be played on several large monitors in three concept blocks, with an announcement by the author.

The authors of this project are Aleksandar Pedović and Marija Čoban.

Aleksandar Pedović – visual arts, design

Organic Digital Art-In-Motion COLORS (I)

– First prize at Mixer Fest in BG

Organic Digital Art-In-Motion COLORS (II)

– New for MMXXIII

From organic reality to digital virtual abstractions in rapid motion, in the XXI C Technological Renaissance

The artwork of Aleksandar Pedović is based on a mature visual experience and is pioneering in our environment in a certain innovative way. It is devoid of realistically based sources and arises on the basis of free perception. It has no frame, it is already created and moves like free light and leaves digital traces transformed into the geometry of the moment, which we can see. The artist decides when to stop the flow of digital work and leave a picture, a scene in time and space. Movement, the shift of focus, completeness and exit from one vector unit to another is a prerequisite for the development of new visual elements that he forms in his work. The results of Aleksandar Pedović’s artworks are monumental by contract and free in space. His art is vital, and in change there is freedom.

– Recommendation of Marko Lađušić, full professor of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

Marija Čoban – academic artist, graphic designer

Our life is the creation of our art…

The art project from visual arts – digital art, is a continuation of several years of research in the field of classic graphic techniques, with an active step forward into XXI C digital technologies, where the principles of refined minimalism are respected in phases, layered, down to the level of simple flat, two-colour surfaces that face each other in a specific dynamic relationship, building a new perception.

Using carefully selected visual details – samples from a real organic environment, with the systemic digital transformation towards minimalism, I build a new aesthetic form that is within the symbolic relationship of two complementary warm-cold surfaces, opening up numerous options for transformation and upgrading.

The point is to extract visual information that is imperceptible to the majority, and from it, through multiple transformations, get an original art creation, which can be presented on multiple media – digital and analogue, through digital print, and is, therefore, suitable for the current time.

Marija Čoban transferred her exceptional graphic talent to the construction of a digital record created from a transposed photographic source. The choice of motifs was expertly formed on the basis of well-founded academic experience.

Filtering, rejection of non-essentials and evaluation of structures make a perfect digital whole that we can never have in photography, simple, graphic processing of the source gives a graded display. I think that the conditionality of a great artistic experience in one medium enables the wealth of different treatments in another medium and as a logical sequence separates the records, digital prints of Marija Čoban from its cause, photography, and realism of motifs.

– Recommendation of the full professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Mr Marko Lađušija

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