In the renovated Novi Sad District, there is a facility called Proizvodnja, which represents a common workspace for artists (creative hub) and provides them with the opportunity to use different tools and create new works. From the Kaleidoscope of Culture in 2023, Proizvodnja is decorated with the District installation by artist and sculptor Jugoslav Sivić, as well as new murals by Artez, Nataša Konjević and Pablo Astrain.

Performers and bands such as Turbo Trans Turisti, 21 Vek, Moussaka, Yugo Bleja, Nataleé, Manivi, Retrospektiva, A.N.D.R., SevdahBABY, Jana Vuković, Ata, Iva Lorens, Galatheia, Tam, Rogi, Goddealers, They Drive By Night, Straight Mickey and the Boyz, Consecration, Cut Your Nipple, Keckec and Severtransi, Stray Dogg, Chinchilla, Lufthansa and many others, held great concerts in this very place as part of the European Capital of Culture programme.

At the Kaleidoscope of Culture in 2023, the audience had the opportunity to see the first thermal interactive sculpture in the world, as well as the largest interactive installation in Serbia called Heart, by Milijana Komad, PhD. As part of the same programme in 2022, the exhibition ‘Reshaping – From Useful Objects to Contemporary Form’ was presented in Proizvodnja.

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