Lena Kovačević

Lena Kovačević

The performance of the Serbian jazz diva Lena Kovačević on 13 January at 8 p.m. will present a treat for all the senses in the intimate atmosphere of the Bukovac Cultural Station. The concert of the star with the magical voice will show that culture reaches everywhere and to everyone in Novi Sad!

Lena Kovačević is the owner of the best-selling regional album and the only Serbian single that was on the playlists in the USA. Her recognizable songs are regularly the most listened to on the local charts, while the mentioned single, which conquered the American radio stations, Pick up, was released for the renowned MENART, under the auspices of the Sony Music license and with the support of one of the most famous American producers, Godfrey Diamond.

The concert is sold out.

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