Braća Teofilovići

Braća Teofilovići

The vocal duet, the twins Ratko and Radiša, represent a unique musical phenomenon in the Balkans, whose special a capella double voice reinterprets the traditional musical and poetic heritage of these areas in a completely authentic way. Braća Teofilovići (The Teofilović Brothers) continue their search for contemporary ethno-sound expression at Doček 7532 in Novi Sad, where we will have the opportunity to listen to them at the Kovilj Cultural Station on 13 January at 8 p.m.

Through a serious professional career spanning almost three decades, the Teofilovićs have held concerts in almost all major European cities, in Japan, the USA, and Canada, and their unique way of singing is truly something that should be heard live.

The concert is sold out.

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