Neda Nikolić Trio and Guest Danijela Veselinović

Neda Nikolić Trio and Guest Danijela Veselinović

The frula that travelled the world! From Kazakhstan to America – Neda Nikolić presented Serbian ethnic music to the world! From the big stages, she arrives at Doček 7532, where she will perform on the outskirts of the city, at the Barka Cultural Station, on 13 January at 8 p.m.! From the early beginnings of her career, Neda performed in all important concert venues in the country, and as an honoured guest of the famous Slobodan Trkulja. She comes to Doček to bring the authentic sound of the frula to the Novi Sad audience.

Doček 7532 will also be marked with notes of our country’s tradition! The talented trumpeter Danijela Veselinović, one of the most successful young women in Serbia who represented our country at Expo Dubai in 2020 and 2022, will perform as a guest at the concert and thus introduce us to her world of music and supreme creativity. Danijela’s trumpet will be accompanied by two great musicians – Bojan Veselinović (percussion) and Lazar Marić (piano). This will be a unique opportunity to present the traditional sounds of trumpet and frula in a slightly different light.

Trio Neda Nikolić presents different musical styles, playing arrangements of original melodies, ethno-jazz, sevdah, and melodies of other traditions not so familiar to us, but still close. As a student of the Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, Neda spreads the sound of Serbian traditional music and combines it with Irish traditional music. The exploration of new opportunities for frula practice continues at this concert as well. The combination of frula, piano and double bass brings a new sound and presentation of the Balkan tradition with a touch of other melodic directions. Neda implements the sound of the frula in different genres, but keeps her roots and tradition creating on the basis of Serbian and Balkan traditional music. In this manner, she builds her name and creates a new direction in the frula practice. Together with her excellent colleagues, Nemanja Nikolić on the piano and Aleksandar Petrović on the double bass, she will present the frula in a new light.

Danijela Veselinović is a true virtuoso on the trumpet and the founder of the Danijela Orchestra, which is not an ordinary ensemble – it is the first official orchestra in the region led by a lady. She started her musical journey in Arilje, and she developed her trumpet story through junior and high school in Kraljevo. She achieved academic excellence at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad under the mentorship of prof. Nenad Marković. Her career is synonymous with success. She performed with renowned orchestras such as the Belgrade Philharmonic and the Opera of the Serbian National Theatre. Danijela was part of international symphony orchestras, and her art was recognized at the world level, representing Serbia at Expo Dubai 2020. At only 9 years old, she founded the Danijela Orchestra, and this special ensemble of young talents did not go unnoticed – the famous trumpeter Boban Marković gave her his trumpet as a gift, calling her a little trumpet princess.

Danijela Veselinović became the Young Heroine of Serbia in 2016, while in 2018 she was listed among the 30 most successful people in Serbia under the age of 30 according to BizLife.

Daniela’s talent, contribution to the world of music and the Orchestra, which won the hearts of audiences around the world, are evidenced by documentary, award-winning films such as Škola Nas Je OdržalaDevojčica Sa Trubom, Princeza Guče, and the orchestra even participated in the filming of the series Ubice Mog Oca.

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