Fipa i Igor Sakach

Fipa i Igor Sakach

Novi Sad musician Igor Sakač and singer-songwriter Filip Vlatković, with the indie rock project FIPA, will perform as part of Doček 7532 at Absolut Club on 13 January at 10 p.m.

The FIPA project was created after more than a decade of Filip Vlatković’s active participation in the music life of countless local bands, primarily in the role of recording artist and producer. In his own production, he creates music that captivates with its simplicity, minimalism and nostalgic aesthetics of the past, when popular music was authentic and unencumbered by redundant layers. The project continues during his stay in America, where he creates the backbone of his sound in collaboration with local musicians. After returning to Serbia, FIPA embarks on an intimate journey of solo performances with an acoustic guitar. A year later, due to growing interest, he forms a follow-up band. They performed at festivals such as Exit, Zaječarska Gitarijada, Street Musicians Festival and FAMUS, as well as at small intimate performances. After a few years of absence from the scene, he announces his debut album for the beginning of 2019, which rounded off his previous work.

Regardless of the formation, FIPA creates an extremely diverse range of music, firmly integrated into the framework of indie-American and rock directions, with a constant emotional stamp that captivates listeners. The project is a real treat for fans of authentic and deeply emotional music.

Igor Sakač is a talented musician, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Novi Sad. His music combines different genres, mainly in the domain of rock and pop, creating a recognizable and emotional style. Igor gained recognition and popularity on the local scene as a member of several established rock bands, and his performances at concerts are filled with passion and energy. In 2023, he releases his debut album ‘Introducing Igor Sakach’, presenting his original sound. This achievement leaves a lasting impression on the listener and promises a successful career in the making. He has been active with his band since this year and promoting his debut album. He recently won the 39th legendary Acoustic Music Festival in Sivac with the song ‘Ne Mogu Sam.’

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