In Just One Week, 30 Percent of the Tickets for Novi Sad’s Doček on 13 January Sold

In Just One Week, 30 Percent of the Tickets for Novi Sad’s Doček on 13 January Sold

Novi Sad’s Doček, by all accounts, aroused great interest this year as well and set new standards in the unique combination of the most diverse musical genres at more than 40 locations in the city and its surroundings.

This is supported by 30% of tickets sold for 13 January in just one week, including sold-out tickets at a promotional price for harp and accordion virtuosos Catrin Finch and Richard Galliano, as well as for music from the greatest film classics performed by the Novi Sad Big Band.

Authentic Turkish electro trio Islandman and post-punk foursome from Liverpool Ladytron join already announced, prestigious names from the Berlin, London, Portuguese and French scenes such as electro star Matthew Johnson, alternative rock band Flamingods, fado diva Gisele João and one of the best a cappella bands A Filetta.

The uniqueness of Doček is the presentation of big regional names in a different way, such as Vlatko Stefanovski in the newly opened cultural station on Telep, a guest appearance by Marko Louis and the band Sopot with the Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Srpska on the ‘Pera Dobrinović’ stage in the Serbian National Theatre.

The young scene of Serbia, which brings a new sound and trends to the renewed space of the Novi Sad District – KOIKOI, Keni Nije Mrtav, Jowam, Zhiva, Rouzi – join already recognizable names of the local electronic scene Marko Nastić, Runy and 2MUCH, as well as already renowned Serbian performers, from the jazz diva Lena Kovačević at the Bukovac Cultural Station, the favourite pop singer of all generations Željko Vasić at the Egység Cultural Station, the popular pop-rock band Neverne Bebe at the Stepanovićevo Cultural Station to representatives of the alternative sound Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša unplugged at the NIS hall.

In the spirit of the Serbian New Year, nurturing tradition, Braća Teofilović will perform to the audience at the Kovilj Cultural Station, the Neda Nikolić Trio with guest Danijela Veselinović at the Barka Cultural Station, and one of the most prominent choirs in Serbia, Collegium Musicum, at the Rumenka Cultural Station.

Doček on 31 December – Music and Visual Spectacle in Suburbium

Doček on 31 December will gather regional and European music stars, thus the audience will listen to a young band whose concerts were all sold out, Buč Kesidi, then Elemental, the winners of the MTV Award and the famous Croatian Porin, as well as local rock legends Partibrejkers. This year’s winners of the most prestigious regional music award, Milan Mladenović, Ljubičice, the most current regional tribute band from Serbia, ABBA RING, Parisian producer and DJ Frank Roger, as well as one of the pioneers of electronic music, DJ Dejan Milićević, are also coming to Doček.

This year as well, everyone present in Suburbium can expect the third edition of the Tesla Light Gallery, which on 31 December will create a completely new ambiance of the baroque jewel of Novi Sad, the Petrovaradin Fortress and Suburbium through the play of light and sound and interactive audio-visual art installations. The artworks will be installed in Suburbium, the tunnel, near the Clock, in the park at the Fortress and in the Planetarium.

Tickets for 13 January can be found at all Gigstix ticket offices and online at gigstix.com, while all programmes for Doček on 31 December are free.

Partners of the Doček programme are Idea, Birra Moretti, NIS and DDOR.

You can find more information about Doček on the website docekns.rs

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