A Historic Moment for the Symbol of Novi Sad During Doček

A Historic Moment for the Symbol of Novi Sad During Doček

On 31 December, Novi Sad will mark a historic moment when, for the first time, the famous clock on the Petrovaradin Fortress will be illuminated with artistic projections and augmented reality. In this manner, the landmark of the city, which is three centuries old, will be associated with Nikola Tesla, the first honorary citizen of Novi Sad, thanks to whom Serbian Athens was one of the first illuminated cities in Europe, and today it is on the UNESCO Creative City List in the field of new media arts.

In addition to including one of the greatest landmarks of Novi Sad, the Tesla Light Gallery will create a completely new ambiance of the Baroque jewel of Novi Sad, the Petrovaradin Fortress and Suburbium, as part of Doček on 31 December, through the play of light and sound, and interactive audio-visual art installations. Artworks will be installed throughout Suburbium, from the Belgrade Gate to the former site of the Novi Sad Gate, all the way to the Clock, the park and the Planetarium on the Fortress.

Artists from the Netherlands, the region, but also Serbia and Novi Sad will take part in this year’s preparation of the Tesla Light Gallery, making Doček different and special compared to all other New Year’s celebrations in this part of Europe.

Along with Monika Bilbija Ponjavić, Đorđe Popović, Dejan Stojkov, Miloš Martinov, Tijana Jevrić, Ivana Janošev and Dutch artists Alex Prooper and Simone van Dam, students of the Academy of Arts and the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Stage Design, as well as the Committee for Space Programme Development and the Novi Sad Astronomical Society.

Music programme in Suburbium

In addition to the visual moment, numerous European, regional and local performers will perform as part of Doček on three stages. In the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, a young band Buč Kesidi, whose concerts are all sold out, will perform that night. Then, the winners of the MTV award and the famous Croatian Porin Elemental, the founder of the global phenomenon Balkan Beat Kiril Džajkovski, as well as local rock legends Partibrejkers. This year’s winners of the most prestigious regional music award, Milan Mladenović, Ljubičice, the most famous regional tribute band from Serbia, ABBA RING, Parisian producer and DJ Frank Rodger, as well as one of the pioneers of electronic music, DJ Dejan Milićević, are also coming to Doček.

Partners of the Doček programme are Idea, Birra Moretti, NIS and DDOR.

All programs at Doček on 31 December are free.

You can find more information about Doček on the website docekns.rs

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