The Performers about the Seventh Doček in Novi Sad

The Performers about the Seventh Doček in Novi Sad

For the seventh year in a row, Novi Sad entered the New Year with Doček. The brand, which is now recognizable as a unique celebration of two New Yearsr, that turned the baroque ambience of the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress into a real musical and visual spectacle on 31 December. On that evening, on three musical stages, the residents of Novi Sad and all visitors were entertained until the late hours by the sounds of bands such as Buč Kesidi, Ljubičice, Elemental, as well as DJs Frank Roger and Dejan Milićević, and many others.

Regionally popular performers Elemental, who rarely play New Year’s Eve, but when they do, it’s memorable.

‘It seems to me that Doček is a rather unique experience and that the team in charge has implemented everything very well and thoughtfully. A little is left to chance like some stages are set up and someone will be playing on them. This makes me very happy as a person who loves structure and that they know exactly what is being done here, and this unique opportunity to celebrate twice, so I think it can only be great. Wherever and whenever there is an opportunity to celebrate and play, I think it should be accepted wholeheartedly,’ said Mirela Priselac, singer of the band Elemental, and added:

‘Everything I’ve heard so far about that extra visual element of Doček is a great thing, not to mention how happy the cats and dogs will be because they won’t be excited by some, I hope, too much shooting, at least as far as the official Doček is concerned.’

The world-famous DJ Frank Roger, despite the difficulties in arriving in Novi Sad, had only words of praise for the entire Doček team and its organization.

‘Everything is very professional. The sound system is excellent. Also lighting. The people are fantastic. Admittedly, it was short-lived, at least for me, I like to play longer sets. The audience is great, very versatile, there are a lot of young and older people. It’s nice to see that on New Year’s Eve, children and their parents are dancing and listening to music. That’s really nice,’ said Roger.

Roger added: ‘It was great. I did not expect a street full of people or this entire space. It was a real street party. It’s not very cold, so it’s really fun. The most important thing for me was to entertain people with music. That was my mission, to start the new year in a nice way, with a good vibe and good music, to get out of this madness that is currently reigning. We need more music and more love.’

Vuk Stevanović from the band Ljubičice is already well acquainted with the concept of Doček because they played their last concert in Novi Sad on 13 January 2020 as part of Doček.

‘I think everything is really cool. Actually, what I like the most is the whole tone and selection of bands, and how the editorial part of this festival and Doček in general is culturally profiled. I also like the multicultural aspect. The first impression tonight is that everything looks very good and I am satisfied. Everything is great,’ said Stevanović, who believes that we live in a time where the visual side of everything is very important.

‘For a long time, we were a little unaware of the fact that in addition to being passionately engaged in music, it is very important to experience something visually. That’s really cool. I especially like that the fireworks have been replaced by those special lighting effects and it’s great that we can now experience some of the artists in some larger formats. It also makes good use of the context of Suburbium when this old part is combined with some modern approach. It is very beautiful and creates a special experience,’ said Stevanović.

The ever-popular Buč Kesidi  joined Ljubičice on stage.

‘I think the concept of Doček is great. I like to celebrate the New Year twice. I am glad that two celebrations are taking place in Novi Sad. The concerts and the entire programme are great, both now on 31 December and later in January. It’s all very nice, and we would like to come in January, but as visitors,’ said Luka Racićon behalf of the band, and his bandmate Zoran Zarubica added:

‘Luka and I plan to go immediately after the concert to see what else Doček has to offer this evening. Among other things, Novi Sad is perhaps the most recognizable city for Doček, at least as far as we are concerned. In addition, the two of us really care about light design, and our lightman told us that we have to see the entire Tesla Light Gallery, so we must go and tour it afterwards.’

World music legend Kiril Džajkovski, who founded the global phenomenon Balkan Beat and is considered one of the most respected electronic artists from the region of Eastern Europe, contributed with his authentic sound to the unforgettable atmosphere of Doček 2024 inthe Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

‘I am glad that this is such a very ambitious and creative Doček and that it includes a lot of artists and a lot of bands, video artists, and I am very much looking forward to the performance itself. I am very glad that the scope of Doček is so large and that it connects those two dates,’ said Džajkovski and noted:

‘I have already seen some video materials that will be projected as part of the Tesla Light Gallery and it looks very interesting to me and I would like to see it all tonight, and most of all I would like to experience it from the audience, for now it seems really fascinating,’ said Kiril Džajkovski, who ushered the audience in the New Year with special light effects that replaced the fireworks in Novi Sad this year.

The Novi Sad audience was also introduced to their fellow citizens and experienced musicians ABBA RING, who reminded everyone present of the timeless hits of the famous band ABBA.

‘I think it’s great that visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of content both on 31 December and 13 January, that they simply enjoy not only concerts, but also various other arts such as the visual moment that Doček cherishes,’ concluded Katarina Rašićon on behalf of the band.

Photos: Vladimir Veličković, Ervin Kovač, Dušan Dragosavljević

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