Impressions from Doček 7532

Impressions from Doček 7532

In the atmosphere of winter magic and the genre diversity music programme at almost 40 locations in the city, Novi Sad celebrated Doček 7532, gathering significant artists from the local and international scene, as well as numerous visitors. After the seventh consecutive artistic celebration on 31 December, with which we saw off the old year, we celebrated Doček according to the Julian calendar. The already recognizable trend-brand in the field of culture once again confirmed that it is one of the most visited celebrations in this part of Europe.

The world-renowned harpist, Catrin Fich, enchanted those present in the City Hall with her virtuoso performance, while the famous, award-winning accordionist Richard Galliano, introducing himself to the audience in the City Concert Hall, confirmed with his performance why he is considered a musician who changed the history of the accordion. The electro-pop quartet from Liverpool, Ladytron,, rocked the Youth Theatre with their rhythms, while at the same time the The Novi Sad Big Band created real musical magic in the Serbian National Theatre, bringing us musical classics from Yugoslav and international films.

This year as well, Doček was a small journey through the city, offering us an unforgettable combination of music styles and performers. The Portuguese fado diva Gisele João captured the Synagogue with her voice, while the Flamingods enchanted the audience of the Cultural Centre. The Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Srpska, together with the SOPOT band and special guest Marko Louiso created an unforgettable atmosphere in the Serbian National Theatre. A touch of tradition was brought to Doček by Braća Teofilović, Collegium Musicum Academic Choir, Neda Nikolić Trio with guest Danijela Veselinović,  in cultural stations around Novi Sad. Cultural stations also hosted the jazz diva Lena Kovačević, then the favourite pop singer of all generations,Željko Vasić, as well as the popular pop-rock band Neverne Bebe.

Islandman, a Turkish musical trio, performed in Radnički Dom, while Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, delighted the audience in the NIS hall. The renovated District was the centre of electro sound with DJs Matthew Johnson and Marko Nastić, with whom Runy and 2Much, shared the stage, but also gathered young performers from the local scene who, in cooperation with the Serbia Creates platform, brought contemporary notes to the Proizvodnja facility. We enjoyed the performances of the artist Zhiva, the bands Keni Nije Mrtav and KOIKOI, as well as the joint performance of the rapper Rouzi and Jowam.

This year’s Doček was a memorable event that enriched the city’s cultural calendar, so check out what Doček 7532 in Novi Sad looked like.

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