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Tomorrow, on 13 January, the spectacular Doček, including more than 40 events across the city, is taking place in Novi Sad. The unique celebration of New Year’s Eve, according to the Julian calendar, will be another exciting audio-visual journey for all citizens of Novi Sad and its visitors planning to spend 13 January in Serbian Athens. Due to the great interest for the Doček event taking place on 13 January, most of the concerts have been

Doček, Vila and Flags of the Future are three art festivals created within the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture project, which are among the seven festivals from Serbia nominated for the best European festivals in 2022, at the 12th annual European Festival Awards. Voting is currently ongoing on their website. Thus, Novi Sad, similar to, Scotland’s Edinburgh, is recognisable for its art festivals, one of the few cities whose festivals, nominated for the European

This year, Novi Sad officially started the year of the European Capital of Culture with a spectacle within Doček, and the segment of the opening ceremony dedicated to the first Serbian cultural property entered in the UNESCO register of intangible cultural heritage – Slava has now won an award at the world competition of professional photographers. These are the works of the award-winning photographer Pavel Surový for which the artist won two silver and one bronze

By celebrating the great names of Serbian science, through art and culture, Novi Sad became the European Capital of Culture last night. More than 400 artists from Serbia and Europe, through Doček – a singular artistic celebration in Europe, reached zenith together with the audience, showing just how the heritage of those that influenced not just Europe but the whole world – Mileva Marić Einstein, Milutin Milanković, Dragiša Brašovan and Ljubomir Micić, should be kept

A unique artistic celebration in Europe, Doček, will open the European Capital of Culture year in Novi Sad, with a programme that will be seen for the first time in this area. Doček, the European Trend Brand of the Year 2021 will reach its artistic-programme and production peak in the fifth year of its development. More than 400 artists from Serbia and the whole of Europe will focus on the fusion of art and science, preserving

Novi Sad is the winner of the European Trend Brand of the Year 2021, within the European Cultural Brand Awards 2021, the competition held for the 16th time in Dresden. Novi Sad became the first city in this part of Europe that bore the title, having in mind that the winners have been from Western Europe such as Paris, Munich, Berlin, Oslo and others so far. Thanks to Novi Sad, Serbia found itself in the company of four Western European countries which, since the awards were given, have had their representatives – Germany, France, Italy, Norway.