They won the world and the famous BRIT Awards over with the iconic song Connected and marked the music of the 90s – the British dance and hip-hop group STEREO MC’s is coming to Doček, and they are bringing back the energy of the music we all remember. They collaborated with Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, and U2, and are still one of the biggest sensations of the British and world dance scene. In the European Capital of Culture, we welcome them in a unique visual environment on the last night of this year.

Stereo MC’s will perform in Suburbium on 31 December on the big stage at Prote Mihaldžića Square at 10 p.m.

Stereo Mc’s were formed in the mid-80s, inspired by electronic music and early hip-hop. They pressed up their first 12” vinyl and started an independent record label called G Street Records which released many UK hip-hop artists and signed US acts such as Jungle Brothers.

Shortly after they signed to Island/4th and Broadway records and released their first LP, they toured extensively as a live act, garnering a reputation on multi-tours and festivals. Their 3rd LP Connected released in 1992 became a worldwide hit and the song Connected became a classic tune.

Winding on some time, in 2015 tired of the major record label bubble, and a love of dance music they decided to go back to their roots and embark on a new label project and the label Connected was born, at first as a vehicle for themselves to release music, but also to release other artists’ music, encompassing Afro house, deep house and techno and all variations of those genres. With distribution through Kompakt records in Cologne the label has grown extensively in the last few years and is now on its 40th release. Apart from still touring as a live band, and with numerous releases (including collaborations with Adam Port, Anja Schneider and Terranova amongst others) Rob Birch and Nick Hallam also continue with their love of DJing which is an essential part of the Connected label, and special Connected Nights are a regular occurrence also featuring a variety of their signed acts including David Mayer, Florian Busse, Nandu, Aaaron, Re.You, and more.

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