Mileva: Mi smo stena

Mileva: Mi smo stena

For the first time, the life and importance of Mileva Marić Einstein is presented to the international audience with a significant interactive multimedia exhibition ‘Mileva: We Are One Rock’ at the City Museum of Novi Sad. The museum located on the Petrovaradin rock that looks over Novi Sad re-examine the symbolism of the surname Einstein (one rock) through an exhibition inspired by Mileva’s brilliant mind and shown through the artistic prism of author Dušan Jovović, PhD.

Instead of seeing Mileva through simplistic narratives about women, which often depict her as a victim and passive participant in the history of science and family life, this major exhibition about her invites us, in a bold and innovative way, to rise up to the active and working principle of a truly creative life. Considering that the material about the life and scientific work of Mileva Marić is scarce, the artistic material is based, to the greatest extent, on the letters that were left behind by Mileva and Albert.

A large part of the City Museum of Novi Sad’s exhibition space has been reconstructed for the exhibition ‘Mileva: We Are One Rock’ and will remain a legacy to the city as one of the most important exhibition spaces covering 1200 square meters. This art exhibition is also unique because it was created through the creative use of the most modern technologies, new media, 3D animations, digital sound, and holograms, as well as its fair share of the classical artistic language reflected in sculptures, graphic design, drawings and paintings.

The exclusive partner of the exhibition ‘Mileva: We Are One Rock’ is Erste Bank.

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