Zhiva, Keni nije mrtav, KOIKOI, Rouzi, Jowam

Zhiva, Keni nije mrtav, KOIKOI, Rouzi, Jowam

A fantastic combination of several young musicians from different genres await us in the renewed District for Doček 7532. In cooperation with the Serbia Creates platform, Zhiva, Keni Nije Mrtav, KOIKOI, Rouzi and Jowam will perform at the Proizvodnja facility on 13 January from 9 p.m.


Zhiva / 9 p.m – 9.40 p.m.
Keni nije mrtav / 9.55 p.m – 10.40 p.m.
KOIKOI / 10.55 p.m – 11.40 p.m.
Rouzi i Jowam / 11.50 p.m – 00.40 a.m.

Iva Pažin ZHIVA made her independent, big step on the local scene with the release of her debut album Preterujem in November 2023, for Glitch Records. The album consists of nine original songs and is set as a mosaic of genres – from alternative pop to jazz, hip-hop and drum’n’bass to reggae. What sets it apart is that it is dedicated to mental health. ZHIVA’s aspiration is to return to quality pop, which is not devoid of personal expression and is a mere product of industry, but has mixtures of the author’s musical and life experiences. She is convinced that it is possible to achieve an ideal balance between pop and alternative music, which the audience will enjoy.

The lineup of Keni Nije Mrtav is one of the most attractive local concert performers. With their galloping riffs, the energetic guitar trio turns the stage into a show for all the senses, and the concert spaces into a spectrum of emotions and energy. They started the concert season with their seductive single Telo, and at the very end of the year in which the band recorded a large number of performances and three new singles, they added another one called Savršeni Greh. They will open their concert season for 2024 at Doček.

KOIKOI is a blend of sonic eclecticism and unstoppable energy. Freed from the genres, they playfully selected the most colourful elements from rock and pop music, creating a dancing avalanche of sound, seasoned with enchanting vocal polyphony of female and male voices singing in Serbian. This kind of confusion works brilliantly, and their music transcends language barriers and resonates around the world. For the past two years, KOIKOI has been captivating audiences with their high-octane performances that magnetically attract crowds across Europe. KOIKOI was nominated by ESNS for the 2023 Music Moves Europe Award as one of the 15 most promising bands in Europe, and included in IMPALA 2022 ‘100 Artists to Watch’ list.

It only took them ten days to hypnotize the entire region. Jao Mama! – Rouzi‘s new single in collaboration with Coby has tens of thousands of videos all over tiktok, as well as trending on all music platforms. Rouzi has definitely become one of the new audience’s favourites with his unique musical expression. This year, he visited the entire region, and now he is arriving at Doček in Novi Sad on 13 January. Rouzi performs accompanied by hypeman and DJ Bogdan Đaković, known for the most current music content on the platforms – Ispod Nule.

Jowam is currently the youngest Belgrade rapper who drew the public’s attention through a rap session and collaboration on the song Malo Tiše. He has several solo releases and a debut EP, and Jowam will enter 2024 with his first singles under the Bassivity label. He is one of the performers of The Spotlight project of the national competition Serbia Creates Music.

Tickets are available at Gigs Tix ticket offices and online at gigstix.com.

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