Buč Kesidi

Buč Kesidi

Indie rock electro disco stars, the Buč Kesidi band, which openly runs away from alternative and strives for the mainstream, will bring us a dose of great energy on New Year’s Eve when they will perform at the seventh Doček, in the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Their authentic sound and excellent energy will rock the audience in Novi Sad, who will listen to them from 10 p.m. on the stage near the Belgrade Gate.

Buč Kesidi consists of Luka Racić on guitar and Zoran Zarubica on drums, and they founded the band in 2014 with the idea of enriching the then music scene with the indie rock genre. They began to win the hearts of the audience after the debut album Posesivno-Ospulsivni Hospul, released in 2016, which contains ten songs. Since then, Buč Kesidi is a band that is mainly listened to by a young alternative audience in Serbia, but also in Croatia. The second album entitled Euforija, released in 2019, brought the band great popularity, and the band is currently finishing its third album, whose songs the audience will listen to at Doček in Novi Sad.

In October 2020, the band recorded a 50-minute experimental concert film ‘Buč Kesidi: Euforija Live’, produced by Bassivity Studios. Directed by David Jovanović, the film was shot during 19 hours, and along with documentary and feature elements, it shows live performances of songs from the Euforija album. During the summer of 2021, ‘Euforija Live’ received a regional cinema and festival tour, with premiere screenings in cinemas in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The band won MAC awards twice, first in 2020 for the best alternative pop track – Nema Ljubavi U Klubu, which is accompanied by a modern sound with influences of electronic music, and this year their song Idemo Do Hodnika was declared the best rock track. We have no doubt that they will conquer the Novi Sad audience (once again) at Doček, so do not miss their performance in Suburbium on 31 December!

The admission is free of charge.

Foto: Sofija Modošanov, Ivana Tešić, Milan Marić

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