The Belgrade rock band Partibrejkers, known for the strong energy, is coming to Novi Sad’s Doček when they will once again remind the audience of some of the most famous songs from their 40 years long career. See you at Doček in Suburbium, in Prote Mihaldžića Square, where they will perform from 11:30 p.m.

During the enviable career, which began in 1982 when they held their first performance in ‘Dadov’ as a support band for The Fifties, Partibrejkers produced eight studio albums – Partibrejkers I (1985), Partibrejkers II (1988), Partibrejkers III (1989) ), Kiselo i Slatko (1994), Ledeno Doba (1997), Gramzivost i Pohlepa (2002), Sloboda Ili Ništa (2007), Sirotinjsko Carstvo (2015). After the first released album in 1985, the popularity grew over the years, to the extent that the band gained iconic status throughout the former Yugoslavia.

Sharp and critical texts towards the society in which an ordinary and honest man suffers, is what makes the authentic sound of the tandem of lyricists Cane and Anton, which is clearly stated in the titles of their songs and albums. Songs such as ‘Ona Živi Na Brdu’, ‘Gubitnik’, ‘Stoj, Džoni’, ‘1,000 Godina’, ‘Hipnotisana Gomila’, ‘Hoću Da Znam’, ‘Prsten’, ‘Put’, ‘Kreni Prema Meni’ and many others, entered the anthology of popular music, erasing the generation gap.

The admission is free of charge.

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