Street Musicians in Lipa

Street Musicians in Lipa

As part of Doček 7532, in Tavern Lipa on 13 January at noon, Street Musicians in Lipa – violinist Milan Milanović and saxophonist Nikola Miloradović – will ensure a great New Year’s atmosphere. Admission is free, and the programme will last until 2 p.m.

Milan Milanović started his musical journey playing the violin at the age of six. His dedication to music led him to graduate from the Academy of Music in Novi Sad, where he gained a deep understanding and skill in performance. His love for popular classical and film music became his defining characteristic. The citizens of Novi Sad recognize him as the famous face of Zmaj Jovina Street, where he has been ennobling the city’s atmosphere with his music for eight years. Charismatic and talented, Milan Milanović will present his musical skills to the audience for Doček in Lipa. His passionate performance on the violin promises an unforgettable experience for all music lovers who will attend this special event.

Nikola Miloradović, born in 1999, started his musical journey when he was only eight years old. Over the years, he explored various instruments such as the piano, guitar and clarinet, but found his true passion in the saxophone. He developed his musical talent through dedicated work and exploration of various genres. Nikola became recognizable for his virtuosity on the saxophone, and especially stood out as a passionate jazz fan. At the age of 24, he already has an impressive repertoire and experience of participating in various musical projects. His love for jazz became a key inspiration for his artistic expression. The talented young musician will delight the audience with his virtuosity on the saxophone at Doček in Lipa.

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