Mashup or Shut Up

Mashup or Shut Up

The creator of the popular music series Mashup or Shutup – DJ Me-High-Low, will perform at Dom Kulture as part of Doček 7532 on 13 January at 9 p.m.

DJ Me-High-Low has been winning the hearts of listeners in the Balkans for more than two decades. As the mastermind of the aforementioned series, which has been going on for 15 years, DJ Me-High-Low stands out for his unique ability to combine old and new songs in a way that creates unique and unforgettable experiences on the dance floor. His skill in connecting different genres and eras of music makes him a true innovator in the world of DJing.

With almost 25 years of experience, DJ Me-High-Low is not only a music expert, but also an artist pushing boundaries. His bold experiments and unusual mashup combinations have become a signature, attracting music lovers across the region. Apart from his success on the dance floor, DJ Me-High-Low also stood out through collaborations on albums and remixes with many local artists. His contribution to the diversity of the music scene in the Balkans is reflected in the creation of unique musical experiences that leave a deep impression. His original works have become part of the film productions shown at the Cannes Festival, while his mixes are still heard on transoceanic flights of certain airlines.

In a world where the musical landscape is constantly changing, DJ Me-High-Low remains consistent with innovation and new approaches. His influence on the club music scene is not only felt today, but promises to last in the future.

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